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Character Singing Audio Demo



Winnie the Pooh

Gopher from Winnie the Pooh


The iconic and somewhat legendary Deckard Cain from the Diablo franchise and Blizzard universe

Gears of War

The Carmine Brothers (Anthony, Benjamin and Clayton) from the Gears of War Franchise


Shrek for many Dreamworks projects (videos, commercials, video games, DVD’s, theme parks)

Tale Spin

Colonel Spigot from Tale Spin

Batman: Arkham Origins

Captain (pre-Commissioner) James Gordon from Batman: Arkham Origins

Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Maggot Orc from Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Doc Mcstuffins

Officer Pete from Doc Mcstuffins

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (a few of the dozens of voices from the worlds of Skyrim)


Zorro from the animated series Zorro

The Emperor’s New School

Imatcha from the Emperor’s New School

King’s Quest

Wente Fey from King’s Quest

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Shagflak from Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor


Oracle from W.I.T.C.H.


Narrator and Fuhrer from the Wolfenstein Graphic Novel

Resident Evil 4

Osmund Saddler from Resident Evil 4

Assorted Blasts from the Past